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When people reach the age of 50, most of them realize that retirement is not too distant.

If you are close to that age but have paid little attention to this reality that looms closer, the time is ripe to seriously consider the financial planning of your future years.

Sometimes people do not know how to evaluate their future needs and/or the thought about retirement seems too distant. However, advance planning is a real opportunity “to move the needle” in favor of improvements to your life during the retirement years to come.

The basic idea is to visualize your desired lifestyle during retirement, and then devote time to planning the best way to get there. The greater the detail you go into about the future life aspirations, the greater your chances of success compared to persons who do not bother with this subject.

Another important matter to review is the level of risk that makes sense regarding your savings and investments when you are fifty. At this age, two aspects become more important: your risk tolerance (how well you withstand the ups and downs in the value of your investments), and the proper moment to adopt a more risk-averse stance (before it is too late). Along these same lines, if you still have 10 to 15 years to go before retirement you will possibly want to place a part of your money in less risky alternatives as a hedge against the types of volatility we see from time to time.

In Chile it is quite common that people are unable to maintain their lifestyle once they retire. Organizations like 60 Plus are here to guide the process whereby you make current finance decisions with an impact on your future.


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