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As we live through this Covid 19 pandemic, it is becoming increasingly clear to many of us that our lives will look quite different in the future. This perception started to sink in gradually as we realized the way in which this pandemic has already triggered changes to our personal habits which we had never dreamed of prior to January/February 2020 : who had imagined conducting most of their meetings remotely? Surely enough, and in the absence of a better alternative, we have all given in and (not without some technical hitches) adhered to these new technologies.

Prior to this pandemic, a closer look at people in the “over 60” age group was already becoming noticeable by questioning the traditional understanding that persons in this category had already achieved the fundamentals in their lives, and that life was pretty much downhill from then onwards. We have seen how the pandemic introduced the age of 75 years old (or thereabouts with variations per country) to help identify their higher risk population, and time will surely end up confirming whether this classification settles closer to 80.

Who knows where these new age limit groups will finally evolve? What are already undeniable are the numerous organizations such as 60 Plus, that emerge with the purpose of guiding people near retirement age to help them find a new and more fulfilling stage in their lives.


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