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When you heard this Beatle song as a youngster, no doubt “64 years old” seemed so distant.

In all likelihood your own 64 years of age arrived quicker than you imagined, and upon listening to this song once again, your appreciation about the effects of time passed seems less dramatic than you expected during your youth.

The ideas our society currently associates to the age of 65 are becoming increasingly detached from how people who reach that milestone are feeling about themselves, still open to valid options and wanting to remain active. This may pose breaches between what people that age aspire to in comparison with how society still regards them.

Aa example of this is the age of retirement. Some people would like to continue regardless as they feel still full of vigor and enthusiasm to continue making a contribution based on their 40 years or so of experience. Notwithstanding, this possibility is only available in certain circumstances.

What happens on a personal level when an individual is asked to retire? For some who are feeling a bit tired with the rhythm of business as usual, this suggestion may come as a bit of a relief. It may open the way to develop new interests, have breakfast more slowly, enjoy more of the family….. However, for others this may come as an enforcement that violently leads the way to old age and loss of validity. And overcoming these feelings proves quite a challenge. It requires an individual effort to restructure one’s life and to find it a new purpose, all of which must be done in spite of very little previous dedication.

There is not an abundance of information regarding this situation that comes with retirement, and it’s not surprising that awareness is also low. At 60Plus we believe that people should and are able to successfully work out what their lives will become beyond their sixties, hence preparing for a fulfilling life in their next stage of existence.


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